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Want to stay away from depression and negativity?  Jai Madaan, a leading practitioner of tarot, astrology, palmistry, numerology and vaastu, suggests to change your signature and stay positive. Read more…

People’s signature is one of the most important identity that they have. A signature is used everywhere from authenticating government ID documents, to undertaking financial transactions, to giving approval for joining or leaving a membership plan, to being a symbol of voluntary consent for any legal activity that you partake in the world. Apart from their legal importance, signatures also reflect on a person’s psyche and current health.

Since signatures are permanent and constantly reinforced by signing again and again, the patterns and strokes in a signature deeply reflect the mental health and state of a person. Expert Graphologists and scientists have observed that people with similar mental states and behavorial patterns have similar characteristics in their signatures and handwriting. What’s more, this trend is more prominent with patients suffering from mental depression, suicidal tendencies and anxiety disorders.

Handwriting analysis is a science which helps us to look into the minds of individuals in a matter of minutes. Through it we can come to know about a person‘s emotional response, likes, dislikes, strengths and weakness because you can lie but your handwriting cannot. For example, Shah Rukh Khan’s signature tells us that he is an individual who is very self-confident and has a good character. He trusts in ‘Happiness of human life’. His signature reveals that he has leadership skills and can depend upon himself in situations of struggle. The way he signs his name suggests that he wants to be seen but not known. The connectivity in his signature signifies a learnt person who can converse on any subject with ease. He has the ability to follow and change thoughts smoothly, often a good speaker, writer or conversationalist.

Recently, I noticed my client who was suffering from depression and anxiety for nearly a decade,  had the same characteristics in her signature as other patients – a downward sloping baseline, huge variations in the size of characters, big loops (showcasing a tendency to hold on to toxic emotions), etc. Clearly her subconscious mind was giving extensive clues about her mental health. I gave her some tips on how to change her signature and some graphotherapy exercises, and now she is doing fine.

So how can you stay away from negativity and depression by changing your signature? Here are some tips that you should practise in your new signature:

Have an upward sloping signature

Ensure that your signature is upward sloping or inclined towards the top. This gives your sub-conscious the message that you look forward to growth and prosperity in the future and are ready to climb whatever mountain comes your way.

Remove all strikethrough lines from your signature

While making the baseline of your signature ensure that the line doesn’t cross or strike-out any of the characters in the name. A strikethrough line or crossing of characters represents a tendency to self-sabotage and unhappiness with one’s self. Instead, ensure the baseline is tangential to the letters of your signature and not passing through it.

Cross t-bars in the letter ‘t’ higher

The height at which the ‘t-bar’ crosses the stem indicates a person’s ability to deal with setbacks and challenging situations in life. People who lose motivation easily or find it extremely difficult to move on from setbacks generally have low t-bars which is why it’s always suggested that one should always cross their ‘t’s as high as possible.

Increase your signature size
When it comes to happiness in Graphology, size does matter! A small signature indicates lack of confidence in oneself and someone who is easily intimidated. It’s best to have a bigger signature size as it demonstrates confidence and security in being who you are.

Will changing my signature change my mental state? Yes, it will! When you add positive and self-empowering characteristics to your signature, you send a signal to your sub-conscious mind that you are adopting a happier and confident approach to life. This signal gets reinforced into a new belief every time you sign with your new signature and over a period of time these qualities will became engrained in you.

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