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This year is going to be all about embracing your hair’s natural texture, with easy to maintain hairstyles for all lengths, natural looks and curls.

The year 2018 is right here and we are all excited to see the new hairstyle trends for this year. The runway models and the celebrity styles have already put together the new hair trends for 2018 and we will see the emerging trends of low maintenance cuts, easy bangs, and greater textures as the dominating styles in the hair arena. Moreover, we will also see long, relaxed styles and middle parts make a comeback as well. Here is a list of trendy hairstyles of 2018 which you will be noticing frequently this year.

1. Tame and Chic

In 2017, women had gone to extreme lengths to experiment with their hair. From colouring to iron straightening, they had tried every possible way to stay trendy and not to mention that this has caused undue frizz and damage to the hair. However, this is not we fear in 2018 as the keratin treatment has come to the rescue. This trend became famous a few years ago and is not going anywhere this year as well. After the treatment, the hair shines immaculately like a sparkle and becomes healthy, straight, soft, and smooth like never before. The treatment also nourishes and protects hair from damage.

2. Braids Are Back

Braids have been decorating hair since time immemorial. They’re derived from a very old tribal tradition that has become a fashion trend nowadays. This style was in trend during 90s and is back again. The new trendy plaits are a cross-tie of hair giving a root look to the hair which is a dominating style of 2018. They look classy and are very easy to maintain. It is amazing to see how braid styles were inspired by school girls and are now trending in fashion shows.

3. The Blunt Bob Cut

The throwback look has come up with a unique fresh twist. It is an 80s look with faux cuts and choppy bang style. The bob cut, also known as the Boyish wonder is a hairstyle trend to look out for this year. Sleek blunt bob with a few long layers in which the bangs are slightly layered and longer on the sides is simple, easy to do with no fuss. It has light layering in it which can be adjusted from chin length to just below the ear. This look has been away for too many layers. For a modern spin, go with a middle part; but a classic side part makes it look simple and elegant.

4. The Wet Look

The glossy wet look hairstyle is sophisticated, serene and easy to pull off. It will surely be a hit this year. This hairstyle with slight waves and curls, make your face look thinner, highlighting the fine jaw line. One can achieve natural waves by using curl enhancing creams or mousses. To complete this look, evenly spread the shine enhancing gel on your front hair using a comb to push them back and produce the ‘wet’ appearance. “Wet hair, don’t care!” Whether you’re short on time or simply want an easy-peasy style, there’s something definitely desirable about a wet hair look.

5. Two-Toned Blonde

Many celebrities have ushered in the New Year with newly-blonde tresses. If you’re planning to change the colour of your hair, keep the roots dark underneath and let your stylist blend out the top to a bright blonde or silvery grey hue. This hair style is going to be a trend-setter in 2018. If you’re going to dye your hair in one colour this year, go for Nirvana Blonde instead. This colour not only will give your hair a chic look but will also enhance your facial features.

(The author is the face of GKhair Professional Hair Taming System in India)

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