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Headed for that much-longed for vacation or even a business trip? We present some of the ‘must-have’ gadgets for 2019 that will help you to plan your trips better.

Words: Adish Jain

In words of the great poet, Robert Louis Stevenson, “There are no foreign lands. It is the traveller only who is foreign”. But as you make their acquaintance, these gadgets can make your journey a little more fun and a little less worrisome.


The 21st century luggage is much more than just wheels and handles. Smart luggage comes with utilities such as GPS locators, in-built weighing scale, and even doubles up as transportation devices with built-in motors or a built-in kickboard. But if you think you’ve seen it all, the next-gen luggage also transforms into your personal masseuse. Packed with an in-built back massager to rejuvenate those sore back muscles while on-the-go, there are multiple modes to choose from that can massage your top or lower back, or both simultaneously. Best part, you don’t have to lug around a separate heavy charging cable as it can be powered using a standard USB cable when plugged into a battery pack.

Micro Luggage’s carry-on luggage comes with a built-in kickboard that you can ride on and fold easily and even fit into the standard overhead compartment.

EUME backpack is available in three sizes, the biggest being 42 litres which offers plenty of storage sleeves and is rainproof too.


Selfies and selfie-sticks are an inseparable part of the travel culture but traditional selfie sticks with telescopic arms are pretty much archaic by now. Replacing them are the more evolved, more functional, and more interesting devices that not only act as your arm’s extension, but can also transform into a tripod with magnetic feet for more stability while the Bluetooth camera shutter remote allows you to take those flawless clicks.

Mi Selfie Stick Tripod is accompanied with a Bluetooth remote, which acts as a remote shutter button for capturing perfectly stable shots.

Joby GorillaPod Magnetic Tripod mounts on almost any surface including uneven terrain, poles, metal surfaces and more.


One of the worst things that can happen while travelling is getting sick. And the most common ways you end up getting sick is by exposure to germs and contaminated water. If you are a neat freak, then probably your worst nightmare includes public places such as flights, toilets and even hotel beds that can be full of germs. But worr y not; you can now easily get rid of all those germs by using gadgets emitting ultraviolet light that can kill germs and odour causing bacteria on hard surfaces. These are as small as a handheld security wand that can be easily carried in your luggage.

Verlilux CleanWave UV-C Sanitising Wand uses powerful ultraviolet light to sanitise beds, seats, bathroom fixtures and more.

When it comes to drinking water, you just can’t take a chance. With so many people touching or placing their mouths directly over the public drinking water facilities, realistically, until now, the only option you were left with to have safe contamination-free water was to buy bottled water. But now, with portable water purifying gadgets that use a hollow fibre membrane and replaceable activated carbon capsule, you are in safe hands for up to 100 litres.

Lifestraw has a range of water purifier bottle and straws that removes 99.9 per cent of waterborne bacteria, and reduces turbidity, filtering down to 0.2 microns.


A smart traveller is not one who can brave out an emergency but one who is always prepared. With climate change and natural emergencies cropping out of the blue at almost every corner of the world, finding yourself stuck in a similar situation is no longer an impossibility. And if you do find yourself amidst such nightmare, the first thing you must do is establish contact with family and emergency services. There are mobile phones designed just for this purpose that are powered using a single AA battery granting up to 10 hours of ta lkime. There isn’t any display but you can configure 9 important numbers and document on the menu sticker provided. Other emergency features include SOS torchlight for flashing morse code to seek help in distress, panic siren and location and alert services.

Like Spare One, weighing just 68 grams, which can be just thrown in the luggage and forgotten about, till needed. But what to do when mobile networks are down and you can’t get any signal? There are devices that create their own mesh network allowing you to send text and GPS locations within a limited location range.

GoTenna transmits UHF frequencies to give 40 per cent more range than a standard walkie-talkie that’s approximately up to 6.4km in an open area and up to 0.8km in a dense location.


Back in the day, swiping the card or inserting it in a chip based payment terminal was the way to make payments without having the hassle of carrying cash. With contact-less payment cards making a digital payment has become even more convenient. But it has also opened the doors for fraudsters and scammers who use card readers and software to steal your data and shop online or even process payments just by standing nearby. An ideal option will be to carry your contact-less cards in an RFID wallet or RFID sleeve. Made using the RFID blocking material, it acts as a barrier preventing hackers from accessing the digital data.

But what about the cash and other valuables that you have left in your hotel room safe thinking that your digital lock code will keep it at bay from thieves? Although there is no fail-safe gadget that can prevent a theft while you are out, a security camera facing the safe may help you make your case with the insurance agency and recoup some of that stolen money and valuables.

Yi Security Camera is a WiFi enabled security camera that can send live feed to your phone through its app. The ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode will also send you an intruder alert if someone enters the camera’s field of vision.

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