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Immerse in Sun & Sand

Suryalanka is one of those untouched, virgin places that are getting rarer by the day. Its beach overlooks the blue waters of Bay of Bengal.

The unexplored small towns of rural Andhra—Bapatla and Chirala are famous for different reasons. Bapatla has the Bhavnarayana temple built in 549 AD and Chirala has its handloom weavers who make these fine sarees with cotton and silk threads. Suryalanka is located at a distance of 8 km from Bapatla in Guntur district.

Suryalanka is derived from the name of the sun god (Surya) and an island (lanka). It is a sleepy village. The Haritha Beach Resorts, built by AP tourism, offers a wonderful respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can opt for the water scooter rides and can have great fun riding on these mechanised vehicles.

Relish coastal flavour: As for food—all lovers of seafood can really enjoy the treat that the locals can rustle up. Plenty of prawns, crabs and fish of all shapes and sizes! Of course, the idlis and dosas are also available.

For shopaholics: The beach road just behind the Haritha Resorts has some shacks selling shells and various artefacts made of shells. Pick up a couple of strings of the smallest shells. Grandma’s wisdom says they are a direct source of calcium when worn next to the skin.

Suryalanka encourages you to get back to the basics – a holiday where you can be as close to nature as you want. It is the place where you can leave your anxieties and stress behind, eat what you can get, relax and enjoy the time! Just let yourself be!

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The sunrise and sunsets are almost divine here as the golden orb sinks into the Bay of Bengal. It is the kind of place where you can watch for hours and reminisce about life—turn philosophical or romantic as the mood overtakes you.

A nearby getaway is Kotappakonda, a hill that is home to a Shiva temple that has a stairway comprising​ ​1,000 steps.

Trujet connect: ​​Trujet has direct flight to Rajahmundry from where Suryalanka is just 248 km.

Written by – Shyamola Khann​a

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