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From white pebbles to water flowing between rocks, cascading streams with gleaming sunlight falling over it, a wind mill and e ven fruits hanging from trees, almost a surreal sight! Mini gardens are the latest to catch fancy of garden lovers. Read on to know how to create one of your own…

We never find enough time and space for gardening. How about creating a whole garden in just one single container! Now you can easily bring in some greens indoors and in your life with space-saver mini container gardens. In the hectic hustlebustle of fast paced life, these mini gardens are a respite and great stress-busters. While the trend of growing plants in old utensils and old furniture is gaining popularity, the most beautiful gardens with interesting features can be developed easily within few weeks. Large-sized containers, old bath tubs, old sofas, large terrariums, old wooden barrels, old dressing tables with drawers, old windows frames, even shoe racks and broken commodes are being used for mini gardens!

Space-saver large container gardens are seen in many homes, establishments and commercial spaces that require little care and have a life of their own. Just like Trellises and hanging gardens are a unique sight, likewise, a singlecontainer garden forms an eyecatching decor element in your home design. You can be specific by using vegetable, flowering plants or herbs, or else you can simply go wild and choose colourful foliage plants and grow any type of plants in these mini single-container gardens. Even wooden boxes can be used to create a mini garden; elevated from base, they are great for combination of plants. The garden umbrella/parasol can be used creatively with a large container filled with soil as its base-holder and growing a mini garden of colourful blooming plants. Your tea-times will never be the same again!

How to start

If you wish to begin with the idea of mini garden simply without much thought, go for safe plants. Even a large tea cup can help you set your mini garden. The most easy growing and care free plants are succulents that hardly need care and are available in so many unique varieties. Choose plants with similar growing needs, so that you do not see empty patches of dead plants while the rest grow. Read well about growing bonsai trees in case you also wish to bring the magic of fruiting trees in your mini garden.

Do take care to see that the garden is placed in a safe space, especially with children and pets around at home.

Some benefits of a mini garden:

  • A mini garden provides a visual treat to your eyes. It’s soothing to see lovely plants growing!
  • Plants with natural designs, colours and foliage can make for an arty corner in your home space.
  • Creative gardening is a challenging task. It is not easy to maintain the garden.
  • It brings positive energy in your home, purifying the air and making it fresh and lively. From Feng Shui perspective, green plants symbolise growth, wealth and good luck. Watching plants grow and their progress, instills confidence in our lives. Different plants give out different emissions. So choose carefully.
  • Mini gardens are an easy way to grow veggies and sprouts that scientifically are known to improve health and quality of life.
  • Miniature plants have their own beauty and charm. In large gardens they may get lost, but in mini gardens they are the centre of attention.

Golden rules for a Mini Garden

  • Choose your container carefully The material of the container is very important as plants need well-draining soil. While using a single container this might be a tricky part. Concrete circular-shaped containers work well and also provide enough space for plants to grow. Wide containers are good for mini gardens. Also, choose a container that can be moved as it will become heavy after all the growth and landscaping, much more than can be seen by the visual eye.
  • Soil check Replace soil mix at least once during a year. The limited soil will drain off nutrients post watering and after some time may not grow healthy plants and blooms. Regular, measured fertilisers from time-to-time will keep plants happy and your mini garden in full bloom.
  • Right watering Water carefully and only when required. Sometimes only sprays and droppers are required to water the tiny miniature growing plants. There may be spaces of sand or rocks pebbles that will require care in watering so that you do not disturb the landscape garden design.
  • Right combination Similar growing plants can be clubbed together in a large container. Plants that have different needs growing together may not only find difficulty in growing, but will also affect the health of other plants growing with it. Similar requirements of sunlight, watering, etc., work well in case of single container gardens. Choose plants that support each other’s growth and do not fight for nourishment and space!
  • Sunlight is essential Usually people underestimate the power of direct sunlight, which is essential for healthy growth of plants. Your mini container garden too will need some hours of direct sunlight or artificial light similar to the yellow light. Once in a while, a little trip outdoors, or near the window or terrace will work wonders for their health.
  • Change of place All but natural you may see your mini garden looking dull and losing its shine if it’s bored! If, after few months, the plants look dull, it would be great to move your mini garden to another corner or window.
  • Limited life Mini gardens are delicate and may have a limited life, as compared to plants growing in large spaces of soil and land. So be prepared for a fresh start in a year or more, by changing the soil, choosing some different plants, different features and of course an absolutely new fresh garden design!

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