A Versatile Artiste

An actor, singer and composer all rolled into one, Shruti Haasan has established herself firmly in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu cinema as a star crowd puller.

Daughter of veteran actor Kamal Haasan, Shruti made her singing debut in Hindi movies as a child singer in Chachi 420. She earned recognition with successes like Balupu, D-Day, Ramaiya Vastavaiya and Race Gurram, and gathered acclaim for having played a wide spectrum of roles under various prestigious banners. Known for her versatility, she will be seen starring in Rocky Handsome and Singham 3, among others, in the coming year.

Shruti Haasan
How would you rate your journey so far?

The journey has been really amazing, and despite being challenging from time to time. I have learned so much about life and and the intricate art of Cinema.

How much of an inspiration is your father for you?

He’s been a great inspiration as he is fearless with his art, extremely disciplined and committed to his craft. I can say that whenever he was around, those moments have been some of the best memories that I have. He influenced me a lot in terms of how I am as a person and especially, artistically and creatively.

Your definition of success.

Success consists of many things but for me, the main thing about success is pride in my work, irrespective of pay cheques or opinions. For me, success is something that makes me feel truly proud of myself. There are times when we work very hard on films, but they don’t click with the audience.

Name one character that was the hardest to portray onscreen?

The character of Suraiya from D-Day till date, was the most challenging role to play. It could have gone wrong but I was most thrilled with the overwhelming response to the character.

Best onscreen chemistry is with which co-actor?

All of them, though some more than others. However, it is my job to make sure there’s chemistry.

One South Indian director who is the hardest task master?

I am a director’s actor. I don’t have a particular name to give you but it has been amazing working with everyone till now and I can say that the journey in the film industry has been truly amazing.

Of all your film debuts, which one has been the most satisfying? Tamil, Hindi or Telugu?

I can’t say that which among Tamil, Hindi or Telugu film debuts satisfied me the most. In fact, all of them have helped me since I got to learn something new about my craft and myself through each and every role.

What makes you feel uncomfortable about a role?

If I don’t understand the logic or if there is a sudden disconnect in the entire narrative, then I can get uncomfortable regarding a role I am portraying. I need to be fully convinced about what I am performing.

Being Kamal Haasan’s daughter, does it make you nervous about having to match his standards?

It’s unrealistic to think that way and I never have. I have always only focussed on myself and in improving myself. I always try to give my best and constantly keep working on my skills.

Who is your harshest critic ?

Myself 🙂

What do you like better, acting or composing music?

I love both and to be very honest, they can’t be compared. According to me, they are two completely different journeys and experiences.

Are you planning to regroup a band once more?

Not with the same members but yes, I will definitely get back in the groove of playing with a band very soon. At present, my focus is on cinema as I always had a passion for it.

If not an actress, what field of work would you be in?

Something creative for sure.

Written by Jaideep Pandey

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