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Welcome the rain with amazing tips to pamper your hair and skin during monsoon.

Come monsoon and you think of showers, cool breeze and lovely weather. Monsoon is synonymous to pure bliss with a fascination of getting drenched in rain after months of scorching heat. While the thought of showers makes you happy, your hair and skin behave a little strange during this season. The humidity takes a toll on your hair and skin and makes them unmanageable. The humidity levels can make the scalp itchy and lead to bacterial infections. You may experience all sorts of troubles from rashes and irritation to ringworm on your skin! Don’t fret. All you need to do is adapt a perfect hair and skin care routine to combat such issues.

Happy Hair

Are you worried about the falling clumps of hair? Or looking for ways to fight against humidity? Below are some tips to answer all your hair care related questions:

Keep the tresses clean

The air pollutants in the rain can make the scalp itchy and lead to infections. Make sure to wash your hair frequently with a deepcleansing shampoo to retain the moisture of your hair. Use shampoos with magnolia or watercress extracts on alternate days to maintain moisture and prevent hair fall. Anti-frizz conditioners can help de-tangle the hair and give them a shine.

Massage your hair

The best hair care for monsoon is a good hair massage. It will strengthen your hair and prevent hair fall. It naturally boosts the moisture and revitalises the dry strands. Though, oiling your hair more often is not recommended, a massage once or twice a week is a good option.

Don’t tie your hair

Avoid tying the hair during monsoon. The moisture stays in the hair and makes them frizzy. If letting your hair down is a problem, stick to loose ponytails or buns. Adding an accessory like a scarf or a hairband protects the hair from moisture and amps up your look as well.

Healthy Diet

Switching to a holistic diet can help tackle all the hair problems. Go easy on junk food and add leafy vegetables, fruits, wholegrain, protein and iron rich food to your diet. It will strengthen the hair follicles and prevent thinning of hair.

Go for a hair cut

If long hair is difficult for you to manage, adorn a new hair style. Opting for a hair cut with a manageable hair length not only gives you a complete makeover but also prevent damage and hair breakage. Keep a wide-toothed comb handy to avoid tangling.

Flawless Skin

After the scorching heat, humidity and damp weather can take a toll on your skin. Follow some essential skin care tips to get rid of all skinrelated issues this monsoon.

Cleansing and Toning

Let your skin breathe by washing your face 3-4 times with a nonsoapy and glycerine face wash. Avoid drying out of skin by using alcohol-free toners and lend your skin a perfect glow. While cleansers wash away the dirt, toners are a pleasant option to retain the moisture.


Rain can have a de-moisturising effect on dry skin and an overhydrating effect on oily skin. If chances of getting drenched are more, use non-water based moisturisers. Applying a mixture of rose water, almond oil, and glycerine before going to bed ensures a healthy skin.


Pimples occur in monsoon because of direct contact with air pollutants in the water. Never prick them. Opt for exfoliating scrubs to remove the dead skin and dust. Natural scrubs made of oatmeals eliminate pimples and citrus fruit packs are a must for a glowing skin.


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