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Bored of partying in closed halls, this time change y our venue and party on y our terrace. Garden parties are great fun and it helps y ou refrain from hassle of finding a suitable and stylish venue.

As the nights are getting cooler with chilly winds, a party in the open atmosphere rocks! If you have a beautiful garden, parties are bound to happen and you at some time or other play the role of a host. Not only will this venue save you money for booking a party space, but you will also make this a memorable experience, a break from routines, for your guests by connecting with nature. Under the vast sky, gazing at the blanket of stars above with fresh aromas of sizzling food, nothing to beat this!

Here are some important tips for a rocking terrace garden party: Plan well and go simple. From the flashy lights to the colourful web pages and the exposure to internet waves, we have too much of a web-based lifestyle and a party in the open amidst nature is always a welcoming respite for your guests.

Bringing us close to earth and mother nature, right from your little space under the sky. Not only will this experience refresh your guests but it will be an out-of-theworld experience.

Take note of your available space and the invites

An over crowded party has more chances of not working magic as a well numbered one. Do consider that not all guests show up and there are always last minute drop outs. Inviting children and pets is your choice and if they are on your list be prepared with special arrangements for them.

Focus on simplicity and elegance

There should not be too much focus on the decor and elements but rather on food, healthy debates and discussions, simply joy and fun. See that your garden lawn is clean of pebbles and trimmed beforehand and is not watered two days before the party. Small sections of lawns can also be covered with a mattress for seating arrangements. You can spray safe mosquito/insect repellents a few hours before the night out party.

Garden Barbeque Party

Finalising a theme

Do take into consideration your guest’s age, tastes and lifestyle for the party. So whether you want your guests to dress up formally or informally, make sure you convey this in your invites. Try to keep the dressing simple and thoughtful, as elaborate costumes take the fun out of open terrace parties. So while your guests can dress up in fun party wear, keep a small part of costume unique that connects with your theme. Maybe, a feather or unique handmade fun caps.

String the lighting along fences and small bushes

You can also add lanterns or standing lamps, depending upon your space. Focus on strong lighting to dining areas and then clusters on corners, pathways and entryways. Floating lights, scented candles also look beautiful in any garden party and add glamour and mystery. Just check the wind direction in advance and also if anyone is allergic to candle fumes and fragrances.

Garden Decoration

Food selection needs to be done with care

Colours have been a focal point with food to increase your appetite. The eye and stomach link is superb and has to be well thought off for the success of any party. Make this an interesting mix of tastes and colours. And of course, keep your budget in mind while selecting foods, remember pricy foods can be for formal occasions and for your garden party you can go for healthier selections.

Table-fresh fruit bowls

This can be a centre piece as it has great Feng Shui energy. Always try to keep some dishes unique and new. It can be unique party fruit punches, creative dips, organic fruit juices, etc. Your signature style dishes do connect to your guests and are great conversation topics.

Garden Party

Select food options wisely

Choose majority dishes, foods that can be served at room temperature and do not spoil when kept for few hours at room temperature. For the barbeque, see that food can be served sizzling hot, keep the number limited for open air barbeques as this counter is the most difficult to handle.

Creating great ambience

Music and ambience is the final touch that will make your party a success. Do keep in mind your surroundings and your neighbours. In case you have a fun musical programme do consider the noise level norms of your locality.

Words: Rizwana a. Mundewadi

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