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Each New Year starts with a number of resolutions, dreams, challenges and discoveries, and gradually life seems to drop into another one of your routines. What if you could change this for 2016; especially if you know you could bring in good luck, and make all your dreams and wishes come true with some simple Feng Shui tips?



Feng Shui is all about beauty, harmony and going with the flow. While in Feng Shui, understanding the Zodiac signs and animal attributes help a lot. Each year, the Chinese Zodiac Calendar displays an animal, and the animal energy and its attributes dominate the entire year in every individual.

Treat the new year with anticipation, respect, excitement and love, and it will all come back manifolds!

The Fire Monkey Energy

The year 2016, from the Chinese calendar, is the year of the Fire Monkey. The bubbly jumping animal energy that never rests but loves stability and family life, needs to be guided for your benefit, to enjoy prosperity. The confident monkey energy increases motivation, confidence, improves communication skills, and spreads humour. The intelligence and wittiness of the Monkey, known for its wisdom, helps to come out of stressful situations with ease.

Some quick tips!

1) Be careful with your words, things and all that you do at the beginning of the New Year, as Feng Shui Masters believe that things, emotions, and thoughts that begin on the first day, tend to go along, spreading their energy for the whole year.

2) Pay off all dues and bills. If not possible, at least begin with the process of paying off some amounts, indicating to the Universe your intentions of getting rid off the dues this year.

3) Open all doors and windows to welcome the freshest, most yang energy coming at the beginning of the New Year. Thus, opening your main door at least for some time at the beginning of each day invites fresh chi that nourishes your home and your luck.

5) Scissors, knives and sharp objects, all must be kept hidden always inside drawers and never exposed as they cut off the good luck energy coming your way.

6) Say goodbye to things that no longer serve you. Space cleaning and clearing with Feng Shui removes not just physical dirt, but also accumulated, stuck up energies and makes way for fresh chi into your home and your life.

7) Say goodbye to exhaustive, stagnant, negative energy; illnesses, quarrels, arguments, losses (personal and financial) and misunderstandings. Resolve all issues with family, relatives and friends. You will see how already you feel lighter and happier.


Activate your Home for Prosperity 

1) Take stock of your home; begin with the living room, and then go through each room, checking constantly. How do you feel? At first glance, what objects or things attract your eyes; are they inviting or depressing? Is there beauty and harmony, or chaos and a disorganised feeling when you enter your home?

2) Fire your dreams with red! Add something fresh with strong energy, a boost to your intentions, your dreams and wishes. Red envelopes with money and gifts and Chinese coins tied with red ribbons are the best symbols of good luck. Choose red clothes as this is the best Feng Shui colour, symbolising good luck and prosperity.

3) Activate the centre of your home with healing sounds, see that the vibrations travel to every nook and corner; it will unify the energy of the whole house.

4) The Dragon Turtle, a strong powerful animal bearing life’s burdens, is a beautiful Feng Shui symbol to attract good luck and mental strength.

Dragon Turtle

5) Display fresh flowers or add new plants as growing energy is the best Feng Shui wealth symbol.

Recharge Personal Chi Energy!

Do something different for yourself to indicate to the Universe that you are willing to go with the flow. Travel to a new place this year, or enjoy a full body spa treatment, or just spend quality fun time with your family in a new restaurant you haven’t visited yet.

Make a change, if its not working for you, take that step, and make a change! This is about your personal life, job, career, and projects. Fire your creativity – with a calculated risk – and take that new step of change. Or work out with a new financial planner some great steps to increase and invest in new opportunities.

Mental and physical activity are essential. A tired mind and body will not give much fruitful output. It’s time to refurbish yourself and your personal chi. Try out and taste some new dishes, adopt new styles in clothes and maybe a new hairdo!

Fill your days with colour, laugh a lot, love a lot, live a lot! This New Year, begin with strong positive intentions of your dreams, goals and achievements. Feng Shui is all about your intentions, and being excited and happy about the new opportunities that are in store for you.

Always remember that there is no replacement for hard and sincere effort; for everything else, there is Feng Shui! Don’t just celebrate another New Year, this 2016, welcome a new way of life ahead!

Written by Rizwana A Mundewadi

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