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If you are someone who does not like to take any risk with your eye makeup and tend to opt for a more natural look, maybe its time to try something new. Ditch the old, dull and boring eye makeup trends and make your eyes pop this season.

Embrace colour, shine and playful makeup designs because 2019 is all about bold, playful and eye-popping colours. So go ahead and buy the pink, purple or glittery eyeshadows that you have been eyeing for way too long but never had the courage to sport the look.

The best place to spot the latest fashion and makeup trends is the runway. It gives a glimpse of what makeup trends you can expect your favourite celebrities to sport in the months to follow. The spring 2019 runways were bursting with colourful eye makeup ideas and provided ample inspiration for how to get creative with your look. Eyeshadow is the easiest way to infuse some brightness and wow factor to your look.


Bright monochromatic eye shadow is hot trending right now. Applying a race car red eye shadow or electric blue shadow might seem like stepping out of your comfort zone but trust the beauty gurus, it’s a trend this year. You might want to tweak it a little according to your creativity. You can go for cut-creasing with peaches, oranges, and pinks instead of browns and mauves or opt for bright poppy monochrome colour block eyelids of pink, purple, blue, pastel green. If you are a little more creative, then try the ombre of pastel greens from the inner corner going deep green towards the outer corner. In case you don’t have the red eyeshadow or don’t want to spend on the same just use your red lip crayon.


Forget the silver and bronze. Gold is the latest hit on the spot. Gold is the metallic shade that will shine the brightest. The colour swept all over the lids, whether in a subtle form or bold glittery form, will look hot this season. So put on as much gold as you can and bring alive the glam diva inside you. For a subtle look go for a hazy blending of gold and black, not exactly smoky but hazy is the sure shot trick. To look glamourous, put on lots of gold glitter eyeshadow with loads of mascara and apply sharp but thin kajal along the lower waterline to complete the look. Apply the eyeliner just to the outer corners of the eyes to elongate the shape and highlight the inner corners with glittery gold. You will definitely rock the look with gold colour block along the lower lash line flicked out like an eyeliner.


Go Shimmy Shimmy with the Shimmer lids this season. Be it a festival or any occasion, shimmery eyeshadows never go wrong. Go for a dazzling look with patting shimmer on top of your naked lids, with a sheer lip gloss and you are ready to go. Go for Mauve glitter eyeshadow blended with matte mauve eyeshadow. Soft metallic shimmer pink blended with matte browns look the hottest. Use colour block eyeliner in shimmery silver with an invisible eyeliner to add depth to your lids.


Colourful eyeliner is nothing new but it made a huge comeback in 2019. You can go for thin lines if you are less experimental or opt for bold thick lines if you want to carry off a bold chic look. Draw it in a cat-eye form or apply a thick line directly over your pupil for a more modern effect. Try the graphic eyeliners with poppy colours like orange, electric blue, sea green, neon pink, etc.

(The author is the CEO of Nykaa Brands.)

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