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One of the oldest as well as the largest national parks of India, Jim Corbett is an ideal home for many majestic animals like the Royal Bengal Tigers, Asiatic Elephants and many other wild animals. The tiger here is a star attraction and finds an important mention in our culture, mythology and legends. Here is a look at the fauna of Jim Corbett as captured by conservationist and wildlife photographer,  Neel Soni in his book A Walk on the Wild Side.

The Gentle Giants

Two bull Asiatic elephants can be seen walking into the plains around the Ramganga River. Adrenaline rush reaches its peaks when these magnificent giants cross the road in front of safari jeeps and cars.

Rhesus Macaque in Dhikala

Watching Rhesus Macaques scampered in between the trees is a pure delight. It fills the heart withe pure gratitude as one drives along the winding road watching this sight.

Sambar Deer of Corbett

Early morning encounter with a Sambar Deer is a common sight in Jim Corbett. Sambar is the most important prey species for the tiger. They let out a loud, repetitive alarm call when they sense a threat.

Tiger in Paradise

Jim Corbett is called the paradise of tigers in India. The park is named after the legendary tiger hunter and naturalist Jim Corbett.

Smooth Coated Otters

Common Otters, Small Cawed Otters and Smooth Coated Otters are the inhabitants of the Ramganga River. This aqua fauna is a true delight to watch.


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