Humanoid Robots At Your Service

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Whether you want help with cooking, cleaning or e ven dating, there’s a droid for the job. Here are a handful of home assistants who would love to serve you.

For decades, we have witnessed robots assisting humans in science fiction movies. From C3PO and R2D2 helping Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars movies to the adorable droid Wall-E cleaning up a futuristic and dystopian earth, humanoid robots have been beloved characters in films. Never before did it seem like a possibility to own one of them in the real world. But today, science fiction has become science fact and you can own these home assistants that can talk to you, control your electronics and even help out with the chores.Here are three such humanoid robots that could be knocking at your door in the near future.


This one is probably the closest thing we’ve got to C3PO; a humanoid robot developed and unveiled in 2015 by Japan-based SoftBank Group. The robot travels on wheels with a camera and sensor attached to its head, a touchscreen on its chest and independent, articulated arms.

It is further equipped with a highly complex cloud-backed voice recognition engine capable of identifying not only speech but also inflections, tonality and subtle variations in the human voice. Muchlike the humanoid robots in movies, Pepper has the ability to learn from its interactions as the 25 sensors and the camera in its head provide comprehensive information about the ambience and environment of the situation, mood and mental state of the human it is interacting with. Priced at 198,000 Yen (`1,06,000 approximately), Pepper is capable of holding conversations, reading emotions and entertaining you. However, it is yet to be available in India and you can only import it from Japan for now.

ASUS Zenbo

This new-age robot by Taiwanese technology company, ASUS is extremely useful for basic duties like operating your household electronics and alerting the owner of any mishap. It is a particularly good companion for the elderly in the family. In addition to talking to them and keeping them company it’ll also alert carers in case of any accidents. Priced at $599, it costs about the same as your smartphone. This robot can drive itself around the house using multiple cameras to keep it from bumping into the walls. It has a touch screen face which allows it to emote while it uses the inbuilt speakers and microphones to respond to queries and voice commands.


Made out of plastic and metal, Romeo was first introduced in 2009 by a collaboration of French and European laboratories and institutions. After several modifications, this 143cm humanoid robot has been updated to perform a number of household activities. From having an intense discussion (factual only), working in the kitchen to taking out the trash, Romeo is a dot-it-all home assistant. The best thing about this robot is that you can customise it to perform duties or for specific roles to suit your convenience. Even with four fingers, the robot can grasp objects, manipulate and feel objects of whatever form.

Romeo’s physical platform was entirely assembled by SoftBank Robotics. There have been two versions, as was planned during the initial drawing-up of the project, with improvements to his spinal column, design, battery and solidity. It is also an exceptional machine for ageing individuals, especially the ones who have trouble walking.


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