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The season is all about the ne w twist to the old florals with oversized and dramatic versions in bold and saturated palettes.

Florals for spring and summer? Do you think it is cliche? Think twice. This botanical trend has always been groundbreaking and is perfect for the wardrobe year after year. “Summers are generally reserved for flowy dresses, asymmetrical and easy fits. Natural fabrics that let the skin breathe such as cotton, georgettes, will be seen in solid colours and floral prints’” says Deepa Reddy, The Open Trunk. When you think of florals, you might get confused what this trend is all about. Everything from print, embroidery, crochet and patchwork in floral fashion is the trend you ought to embrace. The versatile trend has surprised the fashion enthusiasts with its many avatars. The runways have seen tons of florals on tops and dresses this year. Flower embroideries on tops and jackets, the bohemian crochets on necklines and even hems and not to forget the patchwork on denims, handbags and even footwear.

This season will be all about light and refreshing colours. As per the fashion forecast, printed pants will be seen paired against plain tops. Nature prints in bright zesty colours will be the ‘in’ thing. Florals  are a big trend these days as designers from all around the world are designing with floral pattern. Look around and you will see everything in floral from bags to shoes to clothes and jewellery. Florals always bring a lot of freshness and happiness as well as a feeling of lightness. “In terms of styling, floral dresses can be teamed with nude shoes, solid colour handbags can be matched with one of the colours from the prints on the garments which always take the look up by several notches,” adds Deepa. Print on print for tops matched with a plain skirt can look very trendy with metal earrings, hoops or otherwise.

Bewitching Blooms Floral fashion has something for everyone. The romantic soft florals on a floaty material like airy chiffon have become a dreamy outfit of every girl. The 60’s flower, which are dominant trend this season, juxtapose floral prints on dark backgrounds. The roses from Dolce & Gabbana‘s collection on dark backgrounds combined with swirling geometric prints is one of the best trend to look out for this season. The 60’s fashion has distinct flower shapes and hues of orange to make them stand out in the crowd. This season also brings for you the floral embroidered jeans and a patchwork denim jacket.

Grab yours, if you don’t already have one. The embroidered jeans and patchwork jackets are both very easy to style. A white t-shirt with comfy sneakers and dangling earrings with the quirky jeans and jacket is the go-to sporty look of the season. The bold florals of the 60s look perfect on a black background and are a must-have if you love to possess black in your wardrobe throughout the year. A black floral kimono over black skinny jeans paired black fitted top is like a dream come true for a black colour lover. Top-up the look with stone jewellery in black colour or add a pop of colour with quirky rings and studs.

Romancing the Flowers

The love for florals has also found its way to the runways. The florals in pastel shades are seen almost on every top and dress. Soft florals were another hit on the runway this year. The romantic floral prints on floating silk and soft chiffon with splits, cutouts and deep necklines are the highlight of many brands, such as Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu. To make the soft florals look chicer and unique, pair a dreamy floral dress with a long leather belt for a casual look. “When the outfit is patterned, it’s best to keep it simple. Let your outfit do the talking. You can pump up your style quotient with hoop earrings, accents of pearls, solid colour shoes and bags,” suggests Deepa. The obsession for flowers in the wardrobe should not be limited to clothes. This season opt for floral printed boots, embroidered handbag, printed headband or a bloom bomber jacket. If you missed Marc Jacobs models walking down the runway, then give it a look for sure. Their psychedelic floral dresses and coordinating headscarves are a must-have.

The Mash-Up

If you do not love big flowers micro florals are the perfect fit for you. They keep you in trend as you have floral pattern in your dress, but on a small scale. They give a complete fresh but minimalistic feel. Micro florals on sheer and semi sheer clothing are a hit this season. Micro florals do not generally come in bright colours. You can incorporate florals in everything from clothes, bags to accessories and shoes. A midi dress in micro florals gives a ladylike look. This season, you can also try the vice-versa look. Pair a plain top with micro floral pants and you are ready in your off-duty style.

Words: Kritika Dhawan

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