Fall Fashion

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Runways across the world are celebrating the onset of autumn with something distinct, something diff erent. From pristine whites to ubiquitous stripes and from playful jumpsuits to the modern bohemian, the repertoire of trends is huge on making style statements. Lap these trends up to make this season eccentric, stylish and most importantly, fun.

We’ve packed a summer away and will be bringing out the winter fare soon but perhaps, it’s time for an update. Make some additions, wear classic trends differently and toss out some of the old completely. Thrilling, appealing and inspiring, runway trends can be translated into your wardrobe’s nooks and crannies with ease and a lot of aplomb.

The Modern Bohemian

Romantic, more or less effortless yet breathtakingly beautiful, the modern bohemian is besotted with loose and breezy silhouettes, bold prints, fringes and tassels, maxi lengths, crochet and long chains. Garnish your garments with ample hippie spirit to make the coming cooler months a lot easier to deal with. Let the romance prevail this season with whimsical deconstructions, featherlight floor sweeping shapes, floral prints, swishing fringes and lighthues. If you’re comfortable with sheers, go for it in super-long and super-light silhouettes.,especially while layering. Ruffles, high slits, deep necklines, sturdy fabrics and sugary candy tones are your cues to be the modern bohemian.

White Out

It’s time to start afresh. Ditch those dark shades you embraced last winters and welcome a fresh hue and a fairer one as autumn rolls in. There is no better treatment for your armoire, come the cool months than to obliterate all those busy prints and colour pops that dotted your summer wardrobe. It won’t be completely wrong to devise a wardrobe detox and crave some pure unadulterated fashion in the coming months. So whether you like white in your tops or in bottom wear, in skirts, in loose drawstrings, in peasant dresses, in cutwork peplums or in a long coat, the hue takes fashion by its horns every year and this year is no different.

The Fun-sie Onesie

You have heard of the jumpsuit, surely because if you have not, you need to have an exit plan. A de rigueur trend that has come in a variety of avatars is all the rage currently. Printed, patterned, cinched-at-thewaist, left loose, sleeveless often, narrow tapered legs that stop just above one’s ankle is the jumpsuit for you. No, it’s not old-fashioned anymore. If you are new to them then start off with one in a neutral tone and dress it up with a belt in a dark colours jacket, and a statement accessory. Then there’s the wrap style jumpsuits that tuck your waist in rather daintily and if you’ve got a V-neck on it, layer it with long chain necklaces. You could also opt for the drop-waist jumpsuit if you’re in the mood for boho-chic. A fringed bag, chunky accessories and sandals should complete this look. If height is not on your side, go for a jumpsuit that’s cropped, say mid-calf. Pair with boots, sneakers, heels or flats. Have fun with it.

Earn Your Stripes

Stripes never seem to go away, really and truth be told, they shouldn’t; they’re a style staple! Along with conventional stripes of the vertical and horizontal kind, fashion leaders are now mixing it up with stripes going in all directions, in all colours and in thickness, if you please. Bright stripes are being shot out in a shifting thickness and on varying paths. Unusually coloured stripes in different widths, geometric and linear lines set haphazardly, modish zigzags, bold and nautical sailor stripes; the rule seems to be more is more. So go ahead and earn your stripes albeit fashionably.


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