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Dosa, the Indian crepe with a golden hue and crisp y edges, a staple of South India, is now ubiquitous. A classic dish, today it comes in several forms owing to variations in ingredients.

Prepared with fermented batter made of rice and lentils in the ratio of 4:1, dosas have gained popularity across India. A common breakfast item, it is even eaten as an anytime snack.

While the crisper and thinner dosa is said to have originated from Udupi in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu has been home to the slightly thicker and fluffier dosas. Usually eaten with a coconut and roasted gram chutney, it comes in several variants and the chutneys too are unique.

Chef K. Kasi, Master Chef, Dakshin Coastal, ITC Maratha opines, “The batter may differ as per the preparation style and preference. However, the main ingredients used are rice and lentils.”

Chef Shashidhar Vijapure, Head Chef, The Dining Room, Park Hyatt Hyderabad, adds, “The technique of making dosas is the same across all States, for which the primary batter is the same, made of rice and lentils. The variety of rice grown in each state in the South is different and thus the consistency and proportion of the batter may vary. Choices of ingredients added on and above may vary too.”

Variety is Nice

Executive Chef Manpreet Singh Malik Intercontinental Chennai, Mahabalipuram Resort, explains, “Dosas are eaten in all of the Southern states – Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. The most common varieties are Plain, Masala, Kaal, paper, Open faced, and Egg dosa. The basic style of preparation is the same, but some states have different chutneys – some being spicier and also the thickness of the dosa varies.”

While the classic dosa tops popularity charts even now, the other variants are equally sought after. While the neer dosa or water dosa from the

Tulu Nadu region of Karnataka, has a lighter dosa, the Davangere benne. The butter dosa, is heavier as butter is added to the rice batter, but it is full of robust flavours.

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