Being yourself is most challenging – Adah Sharma

Talented actress Adah Sharma boasts of an acting career spanning three languages. Last seen in the Bollywood film Hasee Toh Phasee, Adah is a trained dancer and finds inspiration from many sources. To be seen next in Commando 2 opposite Vidyut Jamwal, she believes that each movie of her career is a turning point for her.

With Bollywood turning 103, what do you think is our biggest strength?

I think that people are getting more experimental with subjects and brave with the content. Better roles are being written for actors and even the actors are daring to choose better scripts

You are returning to Hindi cinema with Commando 2 almost after two years. What kept you away from the film industry?

On last day of the shoot of my last Hindi film Hasee Toh Phasee, I left from the set to the airport for Hyderabad and joined the set of my debut Telugu film which was Puri Jagannath’s Heart Attack which was a big film, a romantic love story where I played the female lead. The film did really well and after that I did 5 Telugu films within two years. I also made my debut in Kannada cinema opposite actor Puneeth Rajkumar and my last release in Telugu was Kshanam, which is now being remade in Hindi by directorproducer Sajid Nadiadwala.

So, was becoming an actor your dream or just a hobby?

From the day I decided to join acting, I was sure that this is what I want to do. Hobby as in, do I enjoy it – yes, but in a frivolous way, then no, its something I really want to do.

What does glamour mean to you?

As an actor, glamour means convincingly being able to slip into any role. If you have to look ugly or dowdy for a role, to do that without getting insecure and then wearing the highest heels and hottest gowns on the red carpet. So, I will say that its being able to do both.

Being a graduate in Kathak, any plans of starting an academy?

No. Though I love dance but I don’t know if I’m cut out to start an academy since that has a lot to do with management skills which I’m not very inclined towards.

Who’s your idol when it comes to dance?

It really depends. It’s Shakira when it comes to belly dance, Shobhna (actress) for Bharatnatyam, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in movies, while on stage I like Beyonce. And I must add here that I am inspired by a lot of people.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part is that I can be all these amazing people. In every movie, I get a chance to play a new character.

What are the most challenging aspects of being an actor?

Being yourself is the most challenging aspect in a world that is constantly trying to change you and make you an exact replica of someone else. So, standing your ground and not doubting yourself even when a whole lot of very important people think you should be doing otherwise.

What drew you towards Commando 2?

I haven’t done a role like this before and with every film I try to pick a different role. Also, I don’t think a heroine in a film has done something like I did in Commando 2. I haven’t dabbled in comedy either, and can say that its a very mad role.

You have been a part of Bollywood as well as Tollywood. How are both different?

It depends on the director and not the language. It depends on what the director has in mind for the character.

Are you a Director’s actor?

I hope so!! But you should ask that to my director.

What place does Hasee Toh Phasee hold in your career?

It is very special to me like every movie or ad or anything I have done.

What’s your take on bodyshaming?

In the world we live in, with social media and everyone being able to freely give their opinions about everything, one has to be mentally very strong. I believe that people will voice opinions about things but you have to be comfortable in your own skin and at the same time not conforming to anyone else’s idea of beauty.

Do you feel real talent is not getting its due?

I completely disagree with it. Talent will 100% never be unnoticed. However, a lot of mediocrity is celebrated sometimes so it takes time to notice the existence of talent around us.

Turning point in your career.

For me everyday and every film I do is a turning point in my career. I started my career in 2008 with the movie 1920. Even my Telugu debut Heart Attack played a big role in my journey, so I can term these two movies as the turning point.

Describe Adah’s personality, in short.

It’s madness and fun.

Written By: Jaideep Pandey

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