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Today, with modern decor trends, art has made space in every home along with contemporary furniture designs and decor. The Scream by Edvard Munch, Girl with the Pearl Earring by Vermeer, The Starry Night of Van Gogh and of course our most loved Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, all have been in the limelight for their immense power of art! Why would people sit for hours and even cry in front of large colour field paintings by Mark Rothko?

Art when placed properly engages the mind and transports the viewer into another world; the world presented by the artist first and then into a world influenced by our thoughts, experiences and cultural values and beliefs. Art has the power of removing yourself from the heaviness of the world, bringing in happiness and stability.

Create Positive Energy

More often wall art comes as the last in interior decoration. A painting not only creates a focal point and a conversation piece in any space, it also adds great positive energy and glam quotient into the space.

  • You can utilise the power of walls and re-energise your home with art. It may be a single leaf, a figure of a lady or a green landscape, a dot or a line, just about anything that you love!
  • Appreciating art helps to relax the mind, soothes the soul and purifies the heart of negative energies.
  • Picasso said, ‘Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life’.
  • Viewing art in the early hours of the morning is best and also when viewed at the end of the day.

Girl with a Pearl Earring is an oil painting by 17th-century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.

Selecting a Good Piece

Aim for simplicity, subtlety and elegance in your decor and go in for timeless art pieces. Any art that appeals to you, touches you and attracts you has the power to heal. Get creative and bring a mixture of paintings to make a power wall. Avoid negative imagery and emotions.

Abstract art is very healing and there are no limitations to the way they can be interpreted and can influence your mood. The symbolic representations and images can be viewed by different people with different meanings. Landscapes are always selected according to emotional connections of a memory or incidents, still life, floral art and geometric paintings all connect in different ways to the viewers. Your walls can be dressed up with the images you wish to be surrounded with and connect with, for these to work as power art for your walls.

Geometry Paintings

  • A circle is like a world, a complete whole, indicating connections and linked to the whole universe.
  • A square for its four corners brings feelings of stability and peace.
  • The triangle with three sides forming energy forces moving in three directions. The triangle has ultimate energy when the top single point faces upwards, towards heaven.
  • A diamond shape represents both heaven and earth energies and evokes activeness whereas square evokes stability.
  • Rectangle shape represents growth.

Scream by Edvard Munch

The sound of silence can be felt and heard. Sit for meditation while viewing a painting and you will realise the true power of art. The moment you will start realising your heart beats, you will start recognising sounds such that of water flowing, birds chirping and leaves rustling!

There is a beautiful power of healing with wall art, and by simply choosing the right wall art, you can enjoy refreshed energy. Look at your wall painting… look at the stars in the painting… look how they shine for you! Experience the power of art!

Written by Rizwana A Mundewadi​

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