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“This festive season, be innovative and try the unconventional mix of modern flavours and traditional sweets. This season is all about merging old-school ‘mithais’ with fresh flavours and giving them a twist while keeping the traditional roots intact.”

When talking about traditional mithais in India, the all-time-favourites ladoos and barfis come to mind. Sweets form an integral part of every Indian celebration and ritual but increasingly people seem to be keen on a facelift or some form of fusion that will preserve the traditional and also infuse some fun in all the  confectionery. If you feel that the sweets you are gifting or consuming during festivals seem more repetitive than experimental, then it is a time for change. This can be in the form of an amalgamation of modern flavours and traditional items resulting in exquisite luxury treats.

This is where Nihira comes in, changing the game by providing an experience never witnessed before. Launched just a year back, it offers a gourmet collection of Indian sweets and savories that are laced with a sumptuous twist using crafty ingredients and surprise inclusions. Their most interesting experiment is the ubiquitous motichoor ladoos that get kneaded in whiskey, champagne or red wine. The heady mix of luscious bourbon and grainy motichoor offers a rare treat, inducing a mouthwatering culinary experience. The arrival of the bubbly and red wine in the realm of sweet making has great potential for some interesting experiments. The extremely innovative flavours and ingredients set these sweets apart from their traditional counterparts.

It all commenced in a small kitchen in 2017, when mother-daughter duo Subha Aggarwal and Arshya Aggarwal, started experimenting with sundry options to construct a barfi fusion as an alternative to the traditional mithai. They felt that there was a need for something different which appealed to everyone, especially the younger generation. The favourites from their kitchen are the Liqueur Ladoos – a blend of premium spirits. This festive season one can also try a delectable selection of barfis — Cheesecake Barfi, Bubblegum Barfi, Oreo Barfi and Blueberry Barfi — an unconventional mix that will keep you salivating for more!

Nihira also offers a variety of savoury snacks to satisfy all zesty cravings—Peri-Peri Namkeen Paare, BBQ Namkeen Paare and Jalapeno Mathi Crackers to name a few. These food items can be enjoyed at any time of the year, whatever the celebration might be. Traditional ladoos also gain a new avatar as they are created using the purest extract of lavender, tulsi and coconut. Their bestsellers include the unique combination of chandan modak, a holy offering for the Gods; gourmet prasad made out of peach boondi with almonds and cranberry and their blueberry panjiri. Not only this, the sweets for each traditional festival have been given a separate exquisite packaging, making them a good option for gifts. In the bygone era, grandmothers were associated with old school sweets, while the younger generation loved the unconventional chocolates,  candies and other trending delicacies. Twisting the traditional mithai with fresh and fun flavours is important to bridge the gap between old and new, create something fresh and exciting, while keeping Indian roots intact for all generations to savour together. With fusion food becoming the new cool concept of the culinary world, it takes delicacies to a new level by combining ideas from different cuisines and creates a singular eating experience.



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